Monday, 19 February 2018

ELK 17

Evan Elman.

Rapper. Chef. Father.

He is somebody who despite questionable decision making, lack of any semblance of self-awareness or traditional intuition manages to not only succeed but thrive in his career(s). From music and food, to overconfidently yelling into the bizzarre and desolate Facebook landscape in the hopes of somebody fulfilling his absurd requests, the man seems to have many irons in the fire.

His next project, a human child, is his most ambitious yet.

In the spirit of growth and new chapters, Reviewington has taken a different approach to the most anticipated list of the year and will instead focus on two new areas of interest since the last list:
potential child names and top 5 Facebook moments (that he has not deleted)

Please see below, your Elk-Man highlights.

Speculated short list of Baby names

  • Mac Dre Elman
  • Mac Miller Elman 
  • Mac Cheese Elman
  • Garlic 
  • Sage Butter Elman 
  • Nuggette Nugz Elman 
  • Notorious E.L.K. Elman 
  • 3chainz 
  • @babybutter 
  • Evan Jr. 
  • Mixtape Elman 
  • Slaps Factory Elman 
  • Chronique 420 Elman 
  • Primo Elman 
  • New Release Elman 
  • Biggie Smaller Elman 
  • Boston 
  • Minnow Bullfrog Elman
  • 3van 3lman

Facebook Highlights






Honourable mentions